Time to Pause

TEDxPSU present Time to Pause, our 11th annual, student-organized TEDx Conference. Join us to hear 11 innovative and thought-provoking speakers share their Ideas Worth Spreading.

All the talks in this event were filmed according to strict COVID-19 safety protocols. Clapping was edited into the talks in post-production.

Livestream Technical Tips

Session 1

  1. Welcome
  2. Dr. SeriaShia Chatters: Radical accessibility
  3. Jen Emigh: Breaking Down the Wall of “Everything is Fine”: The Power of Authenticity
  4. Perry Dripps: ADHD at 33
  5. Shah Chowdhury: From Aid Dependency to Self Reliance: A Journey of Self-Realization
  6. 10-minute Intermission

Session 2

  1. Marisa Vicere: From Grief to Growth
  2. Dr. Mark Anner: Defending Workers’ Rights, From Trauma to Empowerment
  3. Dr. Molly Countermine: Life Isn’t Supposed to be Good… All the Time
  4. 10-minute Intermission

Session 3

  1. Isabelle Snyder: Real Discomfort, Real Change
  2. Dr. John Liechty: Augmented Intelligence
  3. Michael Mitole: What I Learned As An Orientation Leader in a Global Pandemic
  4. Sam Bencheghib: Why I ran 117 marathons in 6 months